By getting creative and utilizing these easy home decorating tips, you can turn a small living space – such as an apartment, dorm room or bedroom – into a stylish and comfortable dwelling.

Have you ever thought about applying a bold, minimalist design aesthetic to your living room? If your current living room feels cluttered and dated, a minimalist approach that emphasizes visual space, natural lighting and essential comfort could bring a new energy to your living space. There’s more to going minimalist than simply gutting your living […]

When it comes to window options, there are countless styles to choose from. Finding the right one for your needs and preferred design aesthetic can prove a daunting task. Double hung windows and casement windows are two popular options among consumers due to their affordability, ease of use and attractive styles, but which one should […]

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The damage caused by Hurricane Harvey can’t be overstated. Many South Texas residents are still dealing with the aftermath of rebuilding and returning to a sense of everyday normalcy. It’s common to focus on rebuilding larger items, like flooring and automobiles, but smaller items, such as flood-damaged windows, can be problematic as well. How do […]

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Maintaining Your Window Screens from MarketingTeamBiz Cleaning and maintaining your window screens is just as important as maintaining the rest of your home because it: Boosts curb appeal Keeps windows clean Improves your indoor air quality when you open the window Prevents loss of heat Deflects rainwater Window cleaning should be a part of your […]

Home improvement projects can vary in difficulty and complexity, depending on what you hope to accomplish. Painting a wall or putting up a few shelves is much different than doing electrical work or trying to build an entire addition to your existing home. Cost, in particular, can be an important factor for homeowners looking into […]

[slideshare id=131520233&doc=asw-1901-slideshare-whatwindowcondensationsaysaboutyourhome-190212193507] As the chilly fall air rolls in, you may notice something peculiar happening with your windows. Despite not having had issues the rest of the year, tiny water droplets are now forming on the panes, fogging up your view of the outdoors. You try to wipe the water off with a paper towel, […]

Cleaning windows is a way to make your home sparkle from the outside and enhances your view inside. While window cleaning may represent a time investment, it’s one that can pay off in big rewards when you enjoy crystal-clear panes this season. Use these tips to show off your windows to their best advantage. Start […]