window screens

Cleaning and maintaining your window screens is just as important as maintaining the rest of your home because it:

  • Boosts curb appeal
  • Keeps windows clean
  • Improves your indoor air quality when you open the window
  • Prevents loss of heat
  • Deflects rainwater

Window cleaning should be a part of your regular home cleaning routine, especially after dust storms or rainstorms.

How to Maintain Your Window Screens

Window screen cleaning can extend the window screen’s longevity, makes your home’s exterior look better and gives you a better view of the outdoors from inside. A hose down or a pressure washer cleaning isn’t always adequate to keep screens clean, and can even damage your window screen beyond repair if you’re careless. Here are a few steps to help you clean your window screens efficiently without damaging them.

    • Remove your screens – Start by removing your screens from their fastenings. Modern window constructions make it easy to pop out the screens, but for older fastenings, use a plastic putty knife to pop them out.
    • Lay the screens on a flat surface – The best way to clean window screens is by placing them face down on your driveway or lawn. You can clean smaller screens in your bathtub.
    • Use gentle detergents when washing – Your screens are sensitive, so use a mild detergent like baby or dish soap and combine it with water. Gently scrub using brushes with soft bristles to avoid tearing your screen. Use clear water to rinse any remaining film off. Avoid using high pressure washers or nozzles to avoid damage. Let your screens air dry by laying them in the grass or propping them against the outside of your house.

Before putting your screens back in place, it’s best to clean you windows on the screen-facing side, as any lodged debris can dirty your screens when you put them back on. Put your screens back in place once they have dried.

Have Your Windows and Screens Professionally Replaced with Allied Siding and Windows

Make cleaning your windows easier and update to a modern window frame with Allied Siding and Windows! We provide affordable, quality window replacements from Andersen, Simonton and Don Young, all of which offer the latest in energy saving technology and functionality. All the windows we install are custom-made and fitted specifically for each customer’s home.

At Allied we don’t charge extra to remove and dispose of old windows. Our 100/100/100 window replacement is one of the best packages on the market, providing 100 percent financing, a 100-year warranty and an affordable fee of just $100 a month, based on a 13-window average per home, with our Easy Payment Plan.

Contact us today to have your windows replaced and enroll in our 100/100/100 program!

hiring a professional

Home improvement projects can vary in difficulty and complexity, depending on what you hope to accomplish. Painting a wall or putting up a few shelves is much different than doing electrical work or trying to build an entire addition to your existing home. Cost, in particular, can be an important factor for homeowners looking into various home improvement projects. If you’re looking to install or replace siding and windows, it pays to hire a professional.

While many DIY homeowners claim to be experts, there are a number of ways for things to go wrong. Only a trained and certified professional can ensure your home improvement project is completed properly and safely.

Make Sure Your Home Is Getting the Maximum Benefits of HardiePlank® Siding

There are several reasons HardiePlank® fiber cement siding is the most popular siding in the U.S.

It can be purchased in a variety of textures to match the diverse style needs of homeowners across the nation, is available with ColorPlus® Technology to provide optimum weather and fade resistance and boasts unparalleled longevity and durability. At Allied Siding and Windows, we’re so confident in HardiePlank that we offer a 30-year transferable limited warranty.

Fiber cement siding also offers superior fire and storm resistance when compared with past siding material options.

Investing in HardiePlank with ColorPlus Technology is a smart move as a homeowner, but only if you’re reaping all the benefits that have led to its increasing popularity. That’s one of the reasons it’s so important to trust a reputable contractor with experience installing this advanced siding material correctly.

If installed incorrectly, the fiber cement siding can actually trap water within the walls of your home. This excess moisture can lead to the formation of mold, damaging the structure of your home and potentially causing significant health issues.

Don’t Let Your Replacement Window Job Turn Into a Nightmare

Installing windows of any kind isn’t the best project for an amateur to tackle. Being forced to lift and hold heavy framing for extended periods of time could lead to back pain, and dropped glass could cause significant injury.

Keep in mind your new energy-efficient replacement windows only provide those money-saving benefits if everything is properly installed and sealed. We carry a diverse array of vinyl, wood, fibrex and hybrid replacement window options from industry leaders such as Andersen, Simonton and Don Young, many of which boast the latest features to provide exceptional functionality and energy savings.

Investing in new ENERGY STAR®-certified equipment won’t do much good if improper installation leads to drafty windows. These replacement windows are built to last, but you likely won’t be able to fully benefit from all potential warranties if you risk doing the job yourself.

One of the things we’re known for at Allied Siding and Windows is accountability and quality, which is why we follow a detail-oriented 14-point checklist during window installation. We accurately measure, custom fabricate and fit each window for your home.

Some other companies, inexperienced handymen and DIYers may attempt what’s known as “forcing” a standard-sized window into an existing opening, often in ugly and inefficient ways that compromise the window’s integrity and energy benefits. When you hire the pros at Allie Siding and Windows, you can rest assured we’ll never force an improperly sized window, and we’ll always ensure your new replacement windows look beautiful before we leave.

We also simplify your life by disposing of your old windows free of charge, so you don’t have to deal with hauling them to the dump or have them sitting around for big-trash pickup.

Factory-Trained Professionals

Allied Siding & Windows is committed to providing professional service to all our customers. We take our responsibility seriously, which is why we take every precaution to ensure all Crew Members and Crew Supervisors comply with all company policies and ethical standards. Allied’s installation crews receive quarterly training directly from our product manufacturers to ensure optimum performance and safety. Furthermore, our teams will complete their work with as little interruption to your lifestyle as possible.

Contact Allied Siding & Windows today for a no-cost quote, or visit one of our Texas locations to speak with a professional today.

See our infographic below for quick tips on why you should hire a home improvement professional.
everyone knows a guy

At Allied Siding & Windows, we’re proud to have served the Houston area for nearly 30 years, and are truly grateful for our wonderful customers and the community in which we work and reside. That’s why the unprecedented destruction dealt by Hurricane Harvey hit us so hard – not just because our company and employees were affected as well, but also because of the destruction and pain inflicted upon our customers and neighbors, all of whom we consider part of our greater Houston family.

We Are In This Together

In the wake of Harvey, we’ve temporarily refocused our company’s efforts toward helping our community rebuild and recover. We’re doing so by offering an array of in-demand services, including dry outs, demolition and home repairs.

If you’re a long-time Houston homeowner or resident you’re likely familiar with mold. You may have even had it in your home in the past. In addition to all the structural and safety issues that accompany flooding, the risk of mold is especially high during times like these when everything is soaked through. Getting everything in your home to thoroughly dry can be nearly impossible without professional help.

We are rushing our dry out services to as many customers as possible to not only address the many sanitation and safety risks inherent with water damage but also the high risk for mold.

There are many homes in our area that no amount of drying will be able to fix. Even in homes that are salvageable there is likely a lot of drywall and structural damage that simply can’t be fixed without total replacement. That’s why we are also offering demolition and haul-away services for clients whose homes need to be either partially or fully demolished.

One of the most painful things to see in our community are the number of people whose struggles are compounded by a lack of insurance coverage for flood damage and an inability to pay for these costly rebuilds out of pocket. At Allied Siding & Windows we are doing our best to make these services as affordable as possible. We’re offering low monthly payment financing options and even 18-month no-interest financing to customers in need.

Work With a Reliable Neighbor – Not an Out-of-State Storm Chaser

There are, unfortunately, a lot of people out there willing to take advantage of Houston’s tragedy. Whenever a major disaster strikes an area there are always a slew of out-of-state storm chasing contractors who descend on the area to charge exorbitant prices, provide substandard work then leave with no way to contact them or hold them accountable for poor results.

When you hire a contractor to perform your Harvey-related repairs, make sure you’re working with a local company with a history in Houston. This ensures you can adequately gauge their reputation, and, if work is performed incorrectly, you can hold them accountable and have them fix the issues.

We want to ensure none of our neighbors fall victim to price gouging, disreputable contractors or bad customer service. When you call Allied Siding & Windows to help with your Harvey-related damage, you can expect to be treated with kindness, respect and urgency. We are all in this together, and your needs and the needs of your neighbors are paramount for our entire company.

Call us at (713) 946-3697 to get started and let us work together toward recovery.

make the most of small spaces

It’s not the size of the space that matters but the way you decorate it. Smaller living spaces call for deliberate design tactics in order to make the most of the space. For an attractive yet comfortable look and feel, focus on key design principles like function, storage, textile choices, colors, and lighting. You should also pay mind to the art of illusion in design, as this can be especially effective in decorating small spaces.


When decorating your home or apartment, take some time to truly consider what you will do with each space. Give thought to the function of the area as well as the tasks or activities that will commonly occur there. Ensure comfort where relaxation is the main focus and strive toward convenience in working areas.


Smaller spaces are less forgiving when it comes to clutter, so do your best to avoid this burden altogether. Think long and hard about bringing new items into the home if you’ve got a modest footprint. You can also look into creative home furnishings that double as storage options. Think vertically with shelving and built-ins that can offer storage space without making the room look smaller.

Textile Choices & Colors

Patterns and colors throughout the home can convey mood, carry a theme, or make the space look bigger or smaller. Lighter colors tend to make a space appear larger while darker tones seem to imply the opposite. Consider juxtaposing dark and light from one space to the next, such as in a foyer to a living room, for more dramatic effect. Choosing hues in the same color family can also help to expand the space.


Natural lighting can open up a space better than any other kind. Welcome beautiful, natural sunlight with the help of new windows, expanding the space and accenting your existing décor with lovely views. Improved windows can eliminate drafts while providing protection against water damage and other concerns, but they also enhance the home’s aesthetic in a number of ways. New windows look beautiful against the walls of each room, and the transparency of the glass creates a more open and airy feel inside the home.

Creating Illusions

You can also hang mirrors throughout the home to expand the look and feel of your living spaces. A large wall mirror functions much like a window, creating the appearance of more space. Mirrors reflect the natural light, creating a more pleasant and less cramped atmosphere.

Small spaces offer just as much opportunity for creative design and décor as larger spaces–it all comes down to your creativity. Open the field of view with new windows, add a mirror to expand spaces, and mind your colors and patterns. You can create the illusion of a larger space with a few design techniques and your own flavor of creativity.

spring home checklist

There’s no better time to perform some much-needed maintenance on your home than during the beginning of spring. Although we’re fortunate to experience incredibly mild winters in Southern Texas when compared with our fellow Americans in much of the nation, there are still an array of exterior and interior maintenance items worth checking every year. Here is a spring maintenance checklist to keep in mind while preparing your home for the next, significantly more intense season – summer.

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

  • Trim tree branches, shrubs and bushes

Keep in line with the blooming beauty of spring by cutting excess branches and trimming shrubs and bushes to elevate your home’s curb appeal and keep your lawn and yard looking neat and tidy.

  • Clear gutters of debris

April showers are coming, so it’s important that gutters, downspouts and downspout extensions work properly. Clear them free of debris and test them by running water through them to see how much water they filter out.

  • Inspect your water softener system and add salt, if need be

Over time, salt in your water softener system naturally dissipates and leaves you with hard water. Skip the unpleasantness of showering in hard water by taking the time to add salt to your water softener system. It’s a short, five-second task that’s well worth taking the time to do.

  • Run water through unused pipes

Running water through pipes you generally don’t use, such as isolated outdoor nozzles, helps prevent grime and blockages from building up within them. Rinse and drain all of your pipes, including toilets and faucets in guest bedrooms or spaces you don’t regularly use.

  • Change or clean your HVAC air filters

With the arrival of spring comes a seasonal pest – allergies. Allergy-causing pollen and dust can cling to your clothing and end up being circulated throughout your home. Your HVAC air filters may catch them, but they’ll remain caught in your filter and your home until you change it out for a fresh one. Make sure to either clean or replace your air filters to purge them of pollen and dust, ensuring you can breathe easy within your own home.

  • Clean and weatherproof porches, decks and patios

As the temperature begins to rise, there’s no better time to apply a fresh coat of paint and weatherproof your patio, deck or porch. Look for rotted supports or sagging roofs and replace them to prepare for April showers and the intense heat of summer.

Update Your Home for Spring with Allied Siding and Windows

Welcome the arrival of spring by updating your home with Allied Siding and Windows. Allied sells products from the best, most reliable manufacturers of roofing materials, doors, windows, gutters and siding and installs them throughout the Houston and Austin areas. Our portfolio includes affordable window replacements from Andersen, Simonton and Don Young, high-quality shingles, ultimate performance gutters and industry-leading siding.

Allied refuses to sell a nameless or unknown brand. Instead, we provide our customers with the best possible features and products from the most trusted brands. We follow a 14-point production checklist and employ highly trained factory crews to ensure quality windows and installation.

We’ve been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 1988 providing quality products, expert, factory-trained crews and affordable prices. Contact us today to purchase our products or schedule maintenance.

spring maintenance checklist

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Improving and upgrading your home doesn’t just make it a better place to live in; it will also increase its value and make it much more appealing to potential buyers. However, regardless of your reasons for wanting to improve your home, you’ll certainly find no shortage of options available depending, of course, on your far your budget stretches. Consider the following tips as steps to improving your property:

#1. Upgrading Your Gutters

Gutters and downspouts certainly aren’t the most glamorous components of a home, but they certainly are among the most important. Since they provide vital protection of your property from the elements, having an efficient gutter system in place will reduce the risk of costly problems developing while also adding value to your home. New seamless gutter systems, for example, are also practically maintenance-free.

#2. Replacing Your Windows

Good insulation makes your home a more comfortable environment to live in while also reducing your energy bills. Replacing old and inefficient windows won’t be a cheap project, but it will add more to your home in terms of value than what it costs you in the first place, and the energy savings can also be significant. Better windows will greatly improve the curb appeal of your property as well.

#3. Installing New Siding

Siding, also known as wall cladding, is a type of exterior material designed to protect the structure from the weather, improve insulation and define the aesthetics of the building. Siding is popular in modern homes across the US, especially in places where extreme weather is a regular annual occurrence. Siding comes in many different forms from wood shingles and clapboards to uPVC weatherboarding.

#4. Replacing Roof Coverings

Your roof is the most important part of your home, since it protects it from the weather and provides an essential role in insulation. However, the roof covering is ultimately what protects the structure of the roof itself, so any upgrade that improves durability is bound to also increase value. Texas-based Allied Siding and Windows offers roof coverings that are able to easily withstand winds of up to 130 MPH.

#5. Loft Insulation

At least a quarter of all the heat that escapes from your home does so through the roof. As such, having a properly insulated attic or loft space is essential for keeping your heating bills under control while also keeping your home cooler during the summer. Blown-in or batt insulation are both viable options, although batt insulation is particularly easy to install for any confident DIYer.

As summer temperatures rise, many Texas homeowners are looking to renovations that will not only boost their home’s curb appeal, but keep it cool and comfortable as well. Here are a few renovation projects to tackle this summer to improve your home’s appearance, comfort, and energy efficiency.

Home Window Replacement

Energy-efficient windows are the key to keeping your home comfortable. Allied Siding and Windows offers a range of affordable window replacement options, including Andersen, Simonton, and Don Young. Simonton windows feature energy-efficient vinyl profiles with optional Low-E/argon-filled glass that helps reduce heat transfer during the warmer months, making them ideal for the long Texas summer. With a 75-year reputation for excellence, Simonton is a top choice for home comfort. Allied Siding and Windows offers the best products from the most trusted brands to ensure optimal performance from your replacement windows.

EnergyWise Radiant Shield (EWRS)

Your attic is the primary source of heat loss or gain in your home. EnergyWise Radiant Shield (EWRS) reflects heat away from the home before it enters your attic, keeping your house cooler from top to bottom. EWRS is a thin reflective radiant barrier that is professionally installed on the underside of the home’s attic. This barrier is as effective as a 7-foot thick piece of traditional insulation, stopping 97 percent of radiant heat from entering the home. EWRS helps you maintain a comfortable indoor environment — and a lower energy bill.

Hardie Home Siding

During the daytime in summer, sunlight can cause the temperature of your home’s exterior walls to rise to as high as 200 degrees, making it harder for your air conditioning system to maintain a consistent, cool temperature. Not only are you left with an uncomfortable indoor environment, but your cooling cost increases as well. Allied Siding and Windows has partnered with the James Hardie brand to offer HardiePlank siding with foam insulation technology. James Hardie fiber cement siding reduces thermal bridging (heat transfer) to help keep warm air outside and cool air inside. HardiePlank resists warping, cracking, and other external damage, ensuring your home is properly sealed. A special foam fills the gap between the siding and your walls, keeping heat transfer to a minimum. This sound-dampening, fire-resistant siding will also keep pests out of your home. Hardie home siding is available in a variety of colors and textures. Installed by crews that are trained in James Hardie’s best practices, and backed with a 30-year limited warranty, HardiePlank promises to keep you cool for decades to come.

Hurricane preparation is always something to keep in mind when you live on the Texas Coast. If a hurricane approaches, you need to have a well-thought-out plan in place that will protect your home. Make sure your home is hurricane season-ready by following the steps below!

Assess Your Tree Line

One of the most dangerous factors related to hurricane damage is the potential for loose tree limbs to harm your home. It’s important to remove damaged limbs, and/or trees in their entirety, when they show potential to break or uproot. Leaving loose branches and trees around your home, pose a threat in the middle of a hurricane. Make sure the trees you leave in your yard don’t have weak branches, have branches no longer than five feet, and have established root systems that won’t shift in heavy rain.

Consider a Generator

Should you lose power during a hurricane, a generator will provide the necessary backup power. Portable or fixed generators are available for purchase depending on your preference and need. Residents with generators should keep the backup power at least 20 feet away from windows to protect it from moisture and keep it stable.

Install Protective Windows

One common misconception surrounding hurricanes is that taping or boarding windows can serve as effective protection for your home. In reality, taping is most often ineffective. While it can cover tiny air passages around ill-fit doors and windows, it does not protect your home from debris damage.

At Allied Siding & Windows, we offer true debris protection with the Simonton Storm Breaker window panes. These windows are specifically created to reduce the risk of storm damage caused by window breakage. They are certified by the AAMA and designed with an impact-resistant KeepSafe Maximum glass, which serves as barrier against storms as well as theft.

If A Hurricane Approaches

When hurricanes do approach, it’s important to stay calm and informed. Stay tuned to the weather service for predictions on the storm and advice on staying safe. Make sure all doors and windows are secured, and if you are staying in your home, keep the generator and necessary supplies near you. Although hurricane protection planning can protect you and your home, they are never the substitute for staying alert and aware of the immediate situation.

To learn more how specialized storm windows can protect your home (as well as cut down on your energy costs), call one of Allied Siding & Windows three locations: Houston (713) 946-3697, Austin (512) 674-3464, or Dallas (972) 888-9988.

According to Fox Business, energy prices are expected to raise 13% by the year 2020. If you’re interested in saving money on energy costs, there are several steps you can take to lower your summer utility bills.

Clean and/or Replace Your Air Filters

Dirty air filters lower the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. The accumulated dust on a dirty filter restricts the airflow from the unit, therefore reducing its ability to cool. By replacing your air filter monthly, you remove the potential airflow resistance that slows your conditioner down.

Keep Your Blinds and Shades Closed

While it may be nice to let the natural, Texan sunshine light your home, direct sunlight can drastically effect your utility bill with single-paned windows. Learn to be strategic about your home lighting. Whenever possible, keep windows that are in direct sunlight covered. Try using window-light from areas of your home with indirect sun. Covering all windows each time you leave your home will also greatly reduce utility costs. This method works by trapping your cool air in the home, reducing your energy need and keeping your home cool.

Install Energy Efficient Windows

If you currently have single-pane windows, consider upgrading to energy-efficient replacements. Energy efficient windows work by preventing solar heat gain. This means that they act as a barrier between your internal home temperature, and the external heat. Since this style of window pane does not absorb heat, you can enjoy window light at any time of day.


At Allied Siding & Windows, we offer several brand-name window products that are energy efficient and attractive for your home. Additionally, we never charge extra costs to remove and dispose of old windows. Each window is custom-made and fitted, which eliminates pairing poorly fit stock windows with pre-cut framings. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, energy-efficient windows often “pay for themselves” thank to reducing heating costs as well as less lighting costs.

Consider Going Up a Degree or Two on Your Thermostat

Even single degree changes on your thermostat can make a difference in utility costs. In order to save this summer, consider increasing the baseline temperature of your home by one or two degrees. As a goal, shoot for a thermostat setting of 78 degrees. Studies show that 78 is the most energy-efficient temperature. As an alternative or additional method, program your thermostat to a higher temperature while you are away from your house each day, and then lower when you are home.

To learn more about how energy-efficient replacement windows can help you cut heating costs in your home, call one of Allied Siding & Windows three locations: Houston (713) 946-3697, Austin (512) 674-3464, or Dallas (972) 888-9988.

There are times when getting a generic, no-name brand product can be okay. After all, it can be a great way to save money at the grocery store. But when it comes to your home, it’s important to carefully research the brands you install. While they may represent an initial investment, it is one that often pays off in the long run in terms of fewer repair costs.

Where to Get Started

Whether you are constructing a new home or are making repairs to your existing home, getting started means contacting companies who provide services you are looking for.  When you do, talk to the company’s personnel about the brands and products they use.

Once you find out this information, it’s time to do your research. A simple Internet search can often reveal information about the brand’s products. If possible, read reviews from satisfied (or unsatisfied) customers regarding their experiences with particular products.     You can also read the sites to determine if the brands have been recognized as industry leaders in their respective fields.

For example, we offer James Hardie fiber cement siding products. These products have a unique Hardiewrap weather barrier that offers exceptional moisture protection in your home. More than 5.5 million Americans have James Hardie Siding on them. They are also backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and feature many testimonials regarding their products.

Even if you choose to utilize a different company to meet your needs, it’s important to always ask what brands are being utilized and do your research before you agree to the installation.

The Value of Quality

When it comes to quality, it is important to remember that there are some things you shouldn’t sacrifice for. Using high-quality, brand-name products over generic, used, or slightly damaged components may mean you will be replacing these items in your home as much as 10 years sooner than you would if you hadn’t.

In addition to replacement costs, using high-quality products can also cut your immediate costs, particularly in terms of your electric bill. For example, we install EnergyWise Radiant Shield barrier, a product that goes in your attic and will reduce the rate of radiant heat transfer. As a result, we guarantee a reduction in your energy costs of 25 percent.

While brand-name products may represent an investment on the front end, they have offered greater returns and long-lasting results to our customers. Contact us today to find out if our products and services could benefit you.