Warranty FAQ/Service Form

My window will not lock
This is usually due to the top sash moving down. Push the top sash up and the bottom sash down (opposite directions). The meeting rail should line up and allow the window to lock.

The bottom sash on my window will not operate
This is generally a result of the sash coming out of the clip in the frame. Often the clip is then ‘jammed’ to the bottom of the window not allowing you to put the sash back in the clip. If the clip is jammed down, take a flat head screwdriver and gently pry the clip up at least ½ inch from the bottom of the window. The sash should then be able to be seated in the clip.

What maintenance is covered?
General maintenance is not covered by manufacturer or Allied warranties. In fact, lack of regular maintenance can void some warranted items. So – things like general cleaning of siding and replacing broken down caulk ARE NOT covered but ARE recommended. For details on cleaning and caulk, visit the applicable manufacturer web site below.

What is seal failure?
Seal failure is when the IGU (insulated glass unit) in a window fails and allows air to enter the sealed unit. This will result in significant fogging of the glass within the sealed unit. So – try to clean the windows and determine if the fogging is on the inside of the unit.

The shingles on my new roof look wavy.
Shingles are fairly rigid. They take time to completely flatten on the flat surface of your roof. Depending on the time of the year (outside temperature), it may take a few weeks for the shingles to all lie down.

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How to find your Order Number

Having your order number ready will help you in the Warranty Registration process and we place your order number on the window labels so you can find them.

Below is a general diagram of where you can find the labels and where on the label to find your order number.

Order Number Label | Allied Siding and Windows

If you still have trouble finding the labels or have problems reading them call our Consumer Service at 1-800- SIMONTON.

Please note:
Non-emergency warranty requests will begin processing in 5-7 business days.
Requests that go through the manufacturer directly may take several days/weeks and are not in our control.
Thank you for your patience.

Service Request Form

Thank you for your purchase with Allied Siding & Windows, we look forward to serving you during this process.  As a reminder, before we can proceed with your claim, you will be responsible to pay our $95 SERVICE FEE (for all claims that are over 90 days of original completion date).  To do so, please continue to the following steps below.

If you prefer, you may also download and complete the form and submit via fax:   ALLIED Service Request FORM

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I love Allied. I have used them on multiple occasions, and they did a great job. Their representative was a wonderful salesperson who knew the product well, and working with the office at the beginning to get this all set up was a pleasure.

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I contacted Allied with a last-minute project of adding siding to my home and they were prompt getting back to me and even fit the sales presentation into my very busy and crazy schedule, and he came out on a Saturday morning to meet with me. The estimation process was made quick and easy.

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I purchased gutters from Allied for my home. My salesman was very professional and knowledgeable in explaining the different materials and colors along with associated costs. The entire process was quick and efficient! I would strongly recommend. The installation team was polite and courteous

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I used Allied Windows on my previous home, and when I moved, I never even checked the competitors. Extremely pleased with their work and prices.

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I was very happy with everyone that I dealt with at Allied, from the office staff, my salesman, the crew leader and his entire crew that installed my windows and siding. Everyone was truly professional, courteous and kept me informed on my repairs. The painting was like artwork and the crew did a great job of clean up before leaving. This company is exceptional, and I chose them based on Matt Patrick’s endorsement from KTRH radio. I would not hesitate to recommend Allied for your home repairs. Thank you Allied for a great job!

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Allied has worked for me on two occasions, both times the service was excellent.

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We are very pleased with our beautiful new windows and doors installed by Allied. We also had our old vinyl siding removed and replaced with James Hardie siding. We have had numerous comments that our 26-year-old home looks brand new.

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We had a representative give us an estimate. He was very friendly, and very knowledgeable. My wife and I were both impressed with his professionalism. Allied stands behind their product and they are trained professionals and insured. Great sales personnel and company!

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Have had several great experiences with this company in the past. Roofs on 3 different houses, complete siding, and replacement windows on one…

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Very professional and very upfront with all issues that concern my home. Great options with styles with very competitive pricing. I would definitely recommend talking to them on your projects.

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Great company! They are Far and Away better than most of the window replacement companies you’ll find out there. They always cater the products to your needs and are willing to go the extra mile to make the project excellent! Highly recommend.

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The representative was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He talked my wife and I through the entire process and listened attentively as we talked through the different ideas we had in mind. Based on the initial quote alone, I would highly recommend Allied…

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Very comprehensive and professional presentation; it was obvious that this company is customer-centric and dedicated to exceeding expectations.

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Fantastic job; these guys are incredible!


With over 50 years in the construction business, I’m hard to impress.  These guys did it; incredible craftsmanship and team work. Already recommended them to neighbors.

Trish V

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