Allied Siding and Windows has teamed up with James Hardie® to bring you the highest quality home siding options in a variety of colors, styles and with industry-leading warranties.

Affordable Home Siding Replacement by James Hardie®

Hardie home siding surpasses the abilities of inferior products, like pressed wood and vinyl siding, by making homes more beautiful, durable and valuable with HardiePlank Siding.  Featured on millions of American homes, HardiePlank Lap Siding serves as the most popular brand of affordable home siding in the United States.

Allied follows a signature 14-point checklist and employs factory trained crews, to ensure proper installation of all local home siding.  Our commitment to great customer service has earned us the James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor status, for all James Hardie building products.

Allied Siding and Windows offers James Hardie® siding to protect your home from chipping, peeling and fading – saving you both time and money.


100/100 Siding Replacement Plan*

100% Financing Available! $100 per month on our Easy Payment Plan.* James Hardie siding is the leading home exterior product and the pre-eminent supplier of fiber-cement siding. Comes with a non-prorated 30-year warranty!
* Based on the average size home with 1,000 square feet of siding and painting of 250 feet of soffit & fascia. A different amount of siding or different amount of soffit and fascia would result in a monthly payment adjustment, either up or down. Subject to credit approval. Restrictions apply. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Expires June 30, 2017.

HardiePlank® Lap Siding from Allied Siding and Windows

  • Resistant to cracking in hot conditions or rotting in wet or damp climates
  • Recognized as a fire prevention product by resisting flame spread, specifically in locations where non-combustible construction is required.
  • Resistant to insect related damage, including termites and other wood eaters
  • Resists rotting, warping, cracking, buckling and swelling
  • Paint lasts up to a decade; 3-4 times longer than wood
  • Unaffected by humidity, heat, salt spray, hail and flying debris

30-Year Warranty

In addition to a nonprorated, transferable, limited warranty, Allied Siding and Windows offers further protection through James Hardie’sColorPlus ® Technology.   ColorPlus ® Technology is a baked-on finishing system that uses an innovative approach to balance out color.  It is available for all home siding products, and leaves beautiful siding, looking flawless.

ColorPlus® Technology

ColorPlus® Technology offers colors to satisfy all tastes and preferences.  Created by renowned color expert Leslie Harrington – who has worked with companies like Pottery Barn, Benjamin Moore, and Crayola – the ColorPlus® Technology color palate offers more color options and flexibility than other siding product on the market. James Hardies ColorPlus® Technology serves as a breakthrough product within the industry. After much development and formula testing, ColorPlus Technology was finally developed.  Hardie siding has surpassed industries averages on many levels – in fact, ColorPlus Technology is capable of lasting two times longer than other products, has a 30% better fade resistance and adheres up to 400% better than other paints, meaning you won’t have to replace your home siding for years and years.

Make a good first impression.  Take care of your home’s exterior by protecting it from outside elements with hardie siding.

Gain value by improving the exterior of your home.  Not only will your home look better, it will hold more value when you decide to lease or sell.  From building a new home to simply improving a current one, Allied Siding and Windows and James Hardie® have a home siding replacement solution for you.

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HardiePlank® Lap Siding


Regardless of your location or climate, James Hardie has a siding solution for you.

Found in millions of homes throughout America, HardiePlank lap siding is a popular choice amongst homeowners.   HardiePlank lap siding was designed to be suitable in all types of climates, and protects homes while looking beautiful.  For even further protection and enhancement, James Hardie provides fiber cement siding, customized with specific performance attributes for varying climates – this is called the HardieZone System.

HardiePlank lap siding is available in a variety of options with different looks and textures, all of which are designed to endure in even the harshest of climates.  This trustworthy siding option has previously earned the title of Good Housekeeping Seal, and comes equipped with a 30 year limited warranty that is nonprorated and transferable. We have full trust that you will be pleased with the HardieZone system for your home.

HardieShingle® Siding

colorplus-integrity (1)

HardieShingle siding offers the same authentic look as cedar siding shingles, but with the added value of resisting from rotting, cracking and splitting.  Engineered to withstand in all climate types, HardieShingle works well as a primary siding or as a compliment to other James Hardie siding styles.  Shingle siding panels are offered in a variety of decorative edges and individual siding shingles come in customizable widths, creating a handcrafted look for your home.  James Hardie fiber cement shingle siding products are available with our strongest warranty ever. HardieShingle siding is protected by a 30-year nonprorated, transferable, limited warranty.

HardiePanel® Vertical Siding


Create a traditional siding look, by combining HardiePanel Vertical Siding with HardieTrim boards.  This hardie siding product adds home value, and promises long lasting performance.  It is protected by a 30 year, nonprorated, transferable, limited warranty and withstands in all climates.

HardieTrim® Boards


HardieTrim boards serve as trim on fiber cement siding. Equipped with a 15-year transferable, limited warranty, hardie board siding provides unmatched durability, with a customizable look.  Choose from a variety of designs for trim, gables, corners, fascia, windows, doors, column wraps, rakes, f friezes, decorative trim and other non-structural architectural elements.  As with other James Hardie building products, HardieTrim boards are engineered for Climate®, ensuring you get the appropriate home siding no matter where you live.

HardieSoffit® Panels


Hardie Soffit panels are offered in a variety of pre-cut sizes with an options of vented or non-vented.  Noncombustable and engineered for climate, hardie soffit panels come with a 30-year non prorated, transferable, limited warranty.

ColorPlus® Technology


For the ultimate enhancement from James Hardie siding products, add ColorPlus Technology.  ColorPlus Technology uses a detailed process which involves applying consistent, multiple coats of paint created to meet the demands of differing climates.   ColorPlus Technology leaves a beautiful finish on your home siding that lasts up to two times longer than field-applied paint. Its baked-on coating offers maximum durability, and resistance of damage due to prolonged exposure in harsh climate types.  ColorPlus Technology was formulated to withstand UV levels in a way unlike other products, and offers up to 30% more fade resistance for paint.  Additionally,ColorPlus Technology comes with a 15-year limited warranty that covers both paint and labor and protects against peeling, cracking, and chipping.

Weather Barrierproducts-wrap

HardieWrap® weather barrier allows moisture (water vapor) from inside your building to escape, ensuring the inside walls stay dry.  By providing both water resistance and breathability, HardieWrap weather barrier defends your home in even the harshest climates.

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Fire Protection


Taking preventative measures against fires is always a good idea.  While no building material can guarantee a fireproof home, James Hardie® siding offers non-combustible products to protect your home siding.

Hurricane Resistance

Hurricane related property damage can be costly.  Fiber cement siding can help.  Due to its impact resistance against hail and windblown debris, fiber-cement home siding has been specified by hurricane-zone building codes for building homes in hurricane-, tornado-, and wildfire-prone areas.

Moisture & Rot


Since weather changes are uncontrollable, it is wise to select affordable home siding that will work to protect your home.  James Hardie fiber cement siding is resistant to severe climates and damage from excessive precipitation.  It also resists rotting, warping and delamination.  Additionally, James Hardie siding has five times the thickness of vinyl siding, making it resistant to hail damage and able to withstand winds up to 150 MPH.

Painting Perils


James Hardie Siding has been uniquely composed of fiber cement, eliminating it from the excess contraction that wood-based and vinyl siding go through.  It was designed to hold onto paint three to four times longer than other wood sidings.  Our affordable home siding products will reduce your overall maintenance costs, without compromising aesthetics.

Green Practices


In an effort to support the industry’s goal of creating more sustainable homes, neighborhoods and materials, we offer environmentally friendly home siding products.  Watch the below video for more details on how James Hardie® and Allied Siding and Windows are supporting the environment.

Learn more about what makes James Hardie siding products environmentally sustainable. (1.3 MB PDF file)

Lifetime Value


Before choosing a home siding material, consider the value you’ll get by selecting James Hardie siding products with ColorPlus Technology:

Cost vs. Value Report:

  • A longer paint cycle can save you up to $5,000 (on average) over 15 years*
  • Rated number one for superior siding value in the area of remodeling projects, (Remodeling Magazine’s annual “Cost vs. Value Report,” 2012-13)
  • Lower homeowner insurance premiums (14% lower on average) compared to vinyl siding**
  • No need to hire – and pay for – an additional on-site painting contractor
  • Up to a 30-year limited transferrable product warranty, as well as a 15-year finish warranty covering both paint and labor***
  • No need to wait for optimal weather conditions to finish and start enjoying your James Hardie-sided home

*Actual cost savings may vary. Based on average repainting cost of a 3,000 sq. ft. home.
**Actual cost savings may vary. Based on average insurance costs of $1,900 a year.
*** Please see warranty.

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ColorPlus® Technology

ColorPlus® Technology offers the ultimate performance HardieZone products have to offer.  The detailed process involves applying multiple coats of climate resistant paint, and the end result reveals a beautiful, consistent finish that lasts up to two times longer than other paints.* The baked-on coating offers maximum durability and resistance to prolonged exposure in freezing or moist climates.

  • Specially formulated paint stands up to UV levels in a way few field-applied paints can, offering up to 30% more fade resistance.**
  • ColorPlus® Technology finishes are warranted for 15 years.
  • The ColorPlus® Technology finish is warranted not to peel, crack, or chip for 15 years.
  • Over 41 quality checks are made throughout our proprietary manufacturing process to ensure the quality of the substrate, the texture and the finish. No other manufacturer can match our demanding quality standards.
  • Considering the alternatives? Compare the benefits of James Hardie Siding Products with ColorPlus® Technology to field applied paint options, especially on larger buildings.
  • Most of the raw materials used to make James Hardie Siding are extracted and processed near each manufacturing facility.

The ColorPlus® Technology Process

James Hardie® siding with ColorPlus® Technology combines an advanced fiber cement formula with a factory-applied, baked-on finish. All products are made using the highest quality raw materials and with our proprietary manufacturing process and equipment.  By using revolutionary finish technology and an innovative color process, we’re able to provide homeowners a superior siding solution for their homes.


Color Integrity

Color Accuracy

Matching colors can be tricky and can get annoying fast.  Often times, finding the right color is both a difficult and lengthy process.  To ensure the most accurate colors for your home, James Hardie and ColorPlus Technology follow color variance accuracy standards that are three times stricter than most standards.  With higher standards, come accurate colors – making color matching a seamless task.

Application Consistency

colorplus-integrityJames Hardie’s manufacturing process involves first applying consistent, multiple coats of paint especially created for fiber-cement siding. Then, the paint is baked-on in a closely controlled factory environment.   With an automated manufacturing process, constant quality monitoring and application of up to 50% more paint than field applied products, we effectively provide the most consistent paint application, at the optimal thickness.

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