• Guaranteed 25% lower energy bills year round
  • Advanced dual reflective material stops 97% of radiant heat transfer and is cell-phone friendly!
  • Maintenance free & warrantied
  • Professionally installed in your attic. Attic door covers and thermal hot water heater jackets also available.

Discover the advantage of EnergyWise Radiant Shield


With the EnergyWise Radiant Shield™, 97% of heat reflects back into your home so you can save your heat AND your homey.


The EnergyWise Radiant Shield™ reflects heat out before it enters your attic, keeping your house cooler from the top down.


Your attic is the #1 location of heat loss or gain in your home/ Attic insulation is your front line defense in keeping the heat OUT in the summer and IN during the winter. EnergyWise Radiant Shield™ reflects heat by acting as a radiant heat barrier keeping your home warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter.


The EnergyWise Radiant Shield™makes your home more comfortable so your heating/cooling systems don’t have to work as hard. That translates into lower energy bills year round.


The advanced dual reflective technology was developed by NASA to protect astronauts from extreme temperatures in space. They discovered that a thin dial reflective radiant barrier does the same job as a 7-foot thick piece of conventional insulation. This same NASA discovery can stop 97% of radiant heat transfer in your home.

Worry Free

25guaranteeThe prodict is maintenance free and includes an extensive warranty. It’s also the only ASTM fire-rated radiant shield on the market. Plus, with a 25% Energy Savings Guarantee you can’t lose.

The EnergyWise Radiant Shield™ pays for itself!

Summer – Before

Without EnergyWise Radiant Shield™, your attic heats up and your energy bills go up.

Summer – After

EnergyWise Radiant Shield™ reflects the heat out and your energy bill goes down

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