window screens

Cleaning and maintaining your window screens is just as important as maintaining the rest of your home because it: Boosts curb appeal Keeps windows clean Improves your indoor air quality when you open the window Prevents loss of heat Deflects rainwater Window cleaning should be a part of your regular home cleaning routine, especially after […]

cleaning windows

Cleaning windows is a way to make your home sparkle from the outside and enhances your view inside. While window cleaning may represent a time investment, it’s one that can pay off in big rewards when you enjoy crystal-clear panes this season. Use these tips to show off your windows to their best advantage. Start […]

cleaning and repairing gutters

Gutters perform a very important role when it comes to protecting your home against the elements. However, to keep them functioning optimally, you’ll need to incorporate them into your annual home maintenance routine. Particularly before the fall and before any bad weather has been forecast, you should inspect your gutters to ensure that they’re well-prepared. […]

choosing a patio cover

A patio cover serves as a cheap and simple extension to your home while also improving its curb appeal and, consequently, property value. A suitable cover isn’t just about looks, however; it also allows you to get a lot more use out of your patio. It’s great for maintaining a shaded exterior area during the […]

benefits of covered patio

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for some outdoor excitement. Whether it’s a family dinner or fun barbecue, your patio is your go-to for entertainment and backyard relaxation. But, with the days heating up, your patio may be losing some of its inviting appeal. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to take […]